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Basket Illusions

Basket Illusions Group

Basket illusions is the work of a wood turner, a woodburner and an artist applying design and colors. Basket illusions is a wood turned piece that attempts to resemble woven basketry commonly found in the Native American culture.

This artwork is done by Larry Cornwell. He is not a wood turner and he purchases the wood plate from a wood turner to start. He then woodburns and adds a design to the basket.

At this time 9 inch and 12 inch basket illusions are available. Designs available are pictured below.

Man in a Maze (Tohono O’Odham Design)

Tohono O Front
Tohono O Back

Wedding Basket (Navajo)

Navajo WB Front
Navajo WB Back

Arizona (Original Design)

Arizona Front
Arizona Back

Patterns (Apache)

Apache 9 Front
Apache 9 Back

Spiral (Available in Black or Black & Red)

Sprial Black Front
Sprial Black Back
Sprial R&B Front Sprial R&B Back

The cost of 9 inch basket illusion is $250 and 12 inch is $350. To purchase a basket illusion contact Sara or Larry at 928-800-0375 to verify the availability and price. They will give instructions on how to process a credit card.